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I did some research about MySQL’s query cache. Some people said it will speed up page load times by 5-15%. Query cache is used to cache SELECT results and later return them without

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Try to execute show processlist;, maybe there are some long lasting threads that were not killed for some reason. Similarly execute SHOW SESSION STATUS LIKE 'Created%'; to check if mysql hasn't created to

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Do not do this, since it might screw up encoding: mysqldump -uroot -p database > utf8.dump # this is bad Better do: mysqldump -uroot -p database -r utf8.dump Note that when your MySQL

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This class is very useful for small projects, it easy and fast to connect mysql with php script. Thank you Ciprian Mocanu to provide this document. The Class:

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UPDATE! Code moved to bitbucket: https://bitbucket.org/markoshust/syncdb/src Often times, you need to pull down an up-to-date version of Magento from your production server to your development or staging servers. This involves: Executing a mysqldump

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Game link: http://www.maning.ca/ats/memory-game/ Download Demo: http://www.maning.ca/ats/memory-game/memory-game-Demo.zip "Memory game is a card game in which all of the cards are laid face down on a surface and two cards are flipped face up over

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Innodb Buffer Pool is by far the most important option for Innodb Performance and it must be set correctly. I’ve seen a lot of clients which came through extreme sufferings leaving it at

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1. tar all folder tar cvfz filename.tar.gz folder 2. backup mysql DB $ mysqldump -u root -p dbname >~/db_name.sql 3.scp files from ssh to another server scp -r filename username@ 4. restore the

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1. Back-up the original database that you want to "clone" In case you you have a mysql password for user root you need to use mysql(dump) -u root -p dbname and you will

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MySQL 5.1 Event Scheduler, Conceptually, this is similar to the idea of the UNIX crontab (also known as a “cron job”) or the Windows Task Scheduler. What is “Event Scheduler” event is an

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