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October, 2013

Replace Magento blocks, models, helpers and controllers without modify core files

There is no project that uses framework as is. Every now and then there is a need to change something, to add something new or to override something already written. Due to many reasons it’s a bad habit and bad programming if core files are modified and it’s not recommended at all. Therefore Magento brought […]

How to extend Magento core controller?

Hi, today I’ll show you how to edit Magento’s core module without messing with core files themselves, or “the right way of doing things”. 😀 First of all, I chose Magento’s Customer module and its Account controller as an example. First, you need to find it in Magento’s Core folder (full path: “app/code/core/Mage/Customer/controllers/AccountController.php“). First step […]

Backup all mysql databases to individual file by linux common line

without mysql password

need mysql password

if you don’t need tar files, just change sql.gz to sql

Good example to security ajax call

Step-1 : Generate Token System For All Web-Service: Generating Token :

Step-2 : Use it while sending ajax call:

Step-3 : NOW, Let’s secure ajax handler PHP file with,