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January, 2012

JQuery Ajax post all fileds values example

Basic usage of .ajax would look something like this: HTML:


PHP (i.e. form.php):

Note: Always sanitize posted data, to prevent injections and other malicious code. You could also use the shorthand .post in place of .ajax in the above JavaScript code:

Note: While the above JavaScript will work in jQuery […]

A good example to understand MVC for PHP

Questions about MVC spread everywhere around, and I found myself difficult to learn what it was about. I guess I am going to write a quick introduction because I really think it’s easy to understand if you have the right informations at your disposal. What you need to know to understand MVC Before trying to […]

Install and configure Subversion on Linux server

use wget to pull down the subversion sources. You could also use curl, but wget does the same with less typing. Choose a version from this list of Subversion sources ( The parallel “subversion-deps” download includes all dependent sources required to build Subversion

MYSQL5 event scheduler example

MySQL 5.1 Event Scheduler, Conceptually, this is similar to the idea of the UNIX crontab (also known as a “cron job”) or the Windows Task Scheduler. What is “Event Scheduler” event is an object whose statements are executed in response to the passage of a specified time interval. An event performs a specific action according […]

JQuery PHP MYSQL login panel example

View demo click here Download demo This is a cool simple login / registration system. It will give you the ability to easily create a member-only area on your site and provide an easy registration process. It is going to be PHP driven and store all the registrations into a MySQL database. To add the […]

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